Freelance Specialists of EUROCOUNT Solutions

You need people. And that’s good, because we know highly educated and experienced professionals from india. Of all these talents, we know exactly what they can offer.


Are you looking for the required expertise, but do you not have directly have the resources at hand? Using the services of our highly educated experienced freelance professionals, allows you to utilize all our expertise for an interesting rate. Our specialists have extensive knowledge and skills in their field. They provide high quality products through a structured appraoch.

We recruit our professionals from India and help them settle in the Netherlands. We arrange a house, a job, and (if necessary) the skilled migrant status, including the 30% rule. The finest specialists are thus readily available for you.

  • Masters educated
  • English speaking
  • 3+ years of experience in their field
  • Available for all terms

Our Consultants:


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