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Zubair Usman

‘‘I have been working for years in the accountancy, but the work remains interesting. It is interesting to look for creative financial and fiscal solutions together with clients and colleagues. The legislation is constantly changing, so you should always anticipate to current events. One of my specializations is solving (complex) issues in a creative way. I experience such issues as challenges. First I immerse myself at the heart of the problem. Subsequently I simplify the problem to solve it eventually as efficiently and effectively as possible, whereby quality
comes first.’’

Summary of Career
Zubair started his career at the Dutch business community in 1990. Herewith he has gained extensive experience in business on all kinds of fiscal and financial areas. After having worked 9 years in business, he made a transfer to the accountancy World in 1999. In 1999 he started his career at De Clercq Accountants and Tax Advisors (IPA-ACON Group) in Haarlem. From 2006 until 2012 he has worked for AAn de Amstel Accountants in Amstelveen. Zubair has a broad fiscal and business administration background. He has gained experience at various accountancy offices. Later he
specialized in the audit and consultancy of organizations from small and medium enterprises and hereby gained considerable experience in advising and controlling.

In 2008 he ventured the big step and opened his own consultancy and administration office. Eurocount Consultancy provides fiscal and administrative services and is located in Haarlem. It is an independent office for financial services.

Jesna Usman

‘‘I have contact with various types of business owners what makes the work varied. You get, because you come into contact with a variety of companies, comprehensive, broad knowledge that you can use time and again.In addition, I think it is important that customers have confidence in my knowledge
and the work I perform for them. It gives me a good feeling when they show me that I have helped them really well.’’

Summary of Career
Jesna Usman is a young entrepreneur and co-owner of EUROCOUNT. She graduated in International Business Administration from universities in the Netherlands and Australia, and has moreover specialized in International Marketing. During her study period in Australia, she worked with a team of fellow students on a complex marketing issue for an Australian company. These experiences and her affinity for business consultancy and strategy have inspired her to further use her acquired knowledge for the business issues of EuroCount.

Jesna grew up in the Netherlands, but has her roots in India, a country with which she feels strongly connected. Her bicultural background, large international network and various international experiences gained during her studies, make her the strategic expert for EuroCount’s international assignments.

EUROCOUNT works closely with an extensive network of notaries, lawyers, chartered accountants, pension experts and insurance intermediaries. Constant change and developments in the field of tax law, accountancy, social insurance law, corporate- and labor law and internationalization require the pooling and exchange of knowledge and practical experience. Partly thanks to the close cooperation between our network partners and us, we can always be helpful to you. Hence, you will not quickly find yourself empty-handed with us.


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