Prices and rates of  EUROCOUNT Consultancy

Know in advance exactly where you stand

At EUROCOUNT Consultancy in Haarlem we work with fixed prices and tariffs.This way you will not run into any surprises and will you benefit from financial and tax services for a fixed, pre-agreed and competitive price per year. For this you get a complete package of services, such as taking care of your books, records and many other activities.

For this fixed price we provide the activities which are determined in agreement with you. The annual amount is determined after discussing your specific company situation and the performance of a business scan by us. Hereby, we aim to make a more competitive offer than what you are used to pay your current accountant. The determined amount will be invoiced monthly or quarterly. This way you will get no unexpected and disappointing bills afterwards.

For starters we have a particularly attractive offer. The first two years we offer a starter discount of respectively 20% and 10% on the prior upon agreed price.

Lastly, EuroCount Consultancy also offers some very interesting discount rules and offers that may be perhaps of interest to you. This will be discussed in further consultation with you.

Switching assistance

Because you as an entrepreneur have a confidential relationship with your bookkeeper or accountant, we understand as no other that you cannot quickly switch to a new office, partly because there should be made time available to arrange this. However, if the price no longer fits, the added value is missing and the contact with the consultant deteriorates, it may be time to review the relationship. In such case, we assist and take care of the full transition from your current financial advisor to us entirely free of charge, this way you no longer have to spend time on it and can fully focus on running your business.

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