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Information for Freelancers

Eurocount Solutions makes the freelance market transparent for highly skilled freelance professionals who would like to come into direct contact with clients.
When you have found a client you can enter into a collaboration with EUROCOUNT SOLUTIONS. 


Each procedure begins with a personal consultation. You should get to know us and we you. There has to be mutual trust that we are the right party for your specific question. This considering that trust creates speed and commitment.

In case that you are selected by us, or the client, for the execution of an assignment we will ensure that you, prior to an assignment, are being properly informed about all the ins and outs. We do this through an acquaintance, either by phone or in person at our office. We will explain the method, the screening, the process and the contract terms.

Our way of doing business is transparent, this means we place great importance on good communication and making clear agreements. Whether it comes to agreements on rates, payments, or a first interview with the client, we attach great value to that all appointments on both sides are clearly communicated and followed. That is pleasing to everyone and ensures that we always know exactly where we stand.

A perfect match

We find it extremely important that we find the right job for our freelancers, and of course, that we find the right expertise for our customers.

We pay close attention to the “matching” process: only when we are convinced that your expertise fits well with what the customer is looking for, will we introduce you, of course, with your approval. Also, we will only introduce you once we have gone through the application with you and you are fully aware of – and accept – the customer’s expectations, pricing, conditions and any other special conditions. Often you will be asked to write a targeted motivation so you can tell the customer why the job fits you like a glove.


We have nothing to hide.
We offer customers and freelancer full insight into contracts, margins and costs.

EuroCount Solutions exercises full disclosure regarding the rates and terms that we use, both to you as a freelancer and to the customer. When you are deployed via EuroCount Solution at any of our end customers you know exactly where you stand: you get a copy of the contract which we have with our clients and therefore you know what rate we charge our customers. We also we give full disclosure to the customer: the customer always knows what rate you get and both you and our client may therefore note that the margin we charge for our services is more than reasonable and really is in proportion to our efforts and added value.

Procedure – Freelance Services with EUROCOUNT Solutions.

With our freelance services, you retain complete freedom in your work. You determine your clients and the size of the tariffs. We arrange the Rest.

You can collaborate with EuroCount based on various forms:

  • Procedure – Ltd. Or B.V. (Own private company)
  • Procedure – ZZP’ers
  • Procedure – Payrolling

Procedure – Ltd. Or B.V. (Own private company)

When you own a private company (Ltd. Or B.V.) we can hire your services through the company. You can send us a monthly invoice for the services provided, underpinned by a timesheet approved by our client. EuroCount Solutions will pay your bill at the time our client paid us.

We can arrange further establishments of your own company, advice and accounting through our sister company EuroCount Consultancy.

Procedure – ZZP’ers

As a ZZP you will work in essentially the same way but it is very important that we are always in possession of an actual and correct VAR statement.

Also as a ZZP you can send us a monthly invoice for the hours worked (with a timesheet approved by the client); this invoice is also paid by us directly when our customer has paid.

We can arrange further establishments of ZZP (sole proprietorship), advice and accounting through our sister company EuroCount Consultancy.

Procedure – Payrolling

If you prefer to perform as a paid employee for the duration of your assignment, you can choose to let us take care of the Payrolling.

EuroCount Solutions takes care of the invoicing, taxes and insurance fees, and will ensure a smooth payment of your net salary and / or any reservations or additional costs. Moreover, you are automatically insured with EuroCount Solutions for the ziektewet, WW and WIA. Here again, Eurocount Solutions will pay you once the customer has made the payments. For the services of Payrolling, a monthly amount of EUR 295.00 will be charged.

30% Tax ruling

Under certain circumstances expatriates become eligible for an attractive tax facility, the 30% rule. This arrangement holds that employees can benefit from 30% untaxed wages for eight years.

EuroCount Solutions verifies that all requirements are met in order to qualify for the 30% rule and ensures the full and proper handling of the request for the application of this special tax provision.


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