Starting your own company with EUROCOUNT Consultancy

A special welcome and special rates for new entrepreneurs.

The consultants of EUROCOUNT are able to assist budding entrepreneurs to get started with the setting up of many issues related with starting an own business. Very specific knowledge and years of experience are available on the testing of a business and / or financial plan. Has been thought of everything to arrive at a balanced choice?

Topics that will be covered are: corporate entity, investment plan, financing. But also strategies and other issues which new entrepreneurs will face will be discussed. After having made the choice, we are well able to guide financially and fiscally.

For starters we have a particularly attractive offer. The first two years we offer a starter discount of respectively 20% and 10% on the prior upon agreed price.

Lastly, EuroCount Consultancy also offers some very interesting discount rules and offers that may be perhaps of interest to you. This will be discussed in further consultation with you.

EuroCount Consultancy offers the following services:

Starters guidance, among others:

  • Support with the preparation of a business plan and business strategy;
  • Guiding in choosing a legal form;
  • Advice on insurance and potential investments;
  • Advising on tax benefits (tax deductions for starters, exemptions etc.);
  • Registration of the company at various agencies (such as tax authorities and Chamber of Commerce);
  • Providing a request for VAR declaration;
  • Function as an expert discussion partner at funding applications at a bank;
  • Establishing a financial- and / or salary administration;
  • Preparation of budgets and (interim) reports.

Administrative services:

  • Setting up and organizing the administrations / general ledger schedules;
  • Process and / or assist at the importation of the financial administration;
  • Establish and discuss annual statements.


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