Payrolling with EUROCOUNT Solutions

Payrolling, How does it work?

You recruit the right employee for the job you have, make arrangements for their salaries and report them to us. The employee then enters into the service of EuroCount Solutions. EuroCount Solutions thus becomes the legal employer and takes over all risks concerning the employment. We take care of all administrative procedures such as the issue of employment, wage payments and insurance against disability, annual statements, dismissal procedures, payroll and processing of collective agreements and legislative changes. On paper, the employees are therefore employed by us, but they work in the workplace for you.

In short, you recruit the employee yourself and also manages this employee on a daily basis.
While EuroCount Solutions controls the entire administrative process. This way you can
effectively save time and run less risk, which allows you to fully focus on the business.

Benefits of Payrolling

  • No need to worry about HR matters
  • Offers the possibility to work with highly skilled migrants
  • Insight, grip and transparency throughout the entire personnel
  • Reduced employer risks
  • No salary administration
  • Clear overview of costs
  • No charges for sick
  • Lower personnel costs
  • Structural cost savings
  • Flexible to deal with staff


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