About Eurocount Solutions

We are the career bridge for highly skilled and experienced specialists to the european market as well as the bridge to indian recruitment solutions!

EUROCOUNT Solutions assists clients in a practical and transparent way in the hiring process of highly skilled and experienced freelance professionals.

EUROCOUNT Solutions is the specialist in the field of HR solutions for businesses and knowledge migrants.

EUROCOUNT Solutions is the specialist in the field of payroll of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

EuroCount Solutions is specialized in providing both ICT and medical specialists. Our objective is to be the best search engine for professionals. We have already found the professionals you are looking for. Compliancy is in good hands, WKA- and recipient’s liability risks are hedged.

The Dutch – as well as the European -ICT sector has been struggling for some time with a shortage of highly qualified ICT specialists, such as managers, analysts, project managers and software developers. The tight labor market also creates a chronic shortage of medical personnel. Researchers fear that if the shortage of ICT employees will continue to increase, companies will leave from Europe. Many companies already get their employees from abroad.

Recruiting in foreign countries is not easy, but effective

The recruitment of staff from abroad offers companies the opportunity to find motivated and skilled employees, especially in the case of national staff shortages in specific ICT, medical and economic sectors. This can contribute to increased business innovation and an enhanced competitive position.

EuroCount Solutions specializes in the recruitment of skilled migrants from India to anticipate on the overstrained European market. We supply a wide range of ambitious, experienced and skilled specialists from, among others, the ICT and medical fields. We do not only bring the Dutch and Indian market in contact with each other, but also emphasize on the harmony between these markets. We fulfill your recruitment requirements effectively and cost-consciously.

The new generation at work

The new generation is full of energy and ambition. Takes a fresh look at the world and wonders if matters cannot be done smarter, better or faster. Creates new ways of communicating, cooperating and problem solving. Deals with things in a somewhat different way. Just like us.

We help you innovate 

EuroCount Solutions stands for young talent: the capital of any organization that wants to stay ahead. Young talents are the drivers of innovation in business. Innovation which is essential for economic competitiveness and a better future. Therefore, we help young talents to conquer their place on the labor market. Doing so we help you innovate. We put you in touch with the best young talent that’s there.


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