EuroCount Solution offers knowledge migrant payroll solutions for organizations who are no acknowledged
but who would like to employ a highly skilled migrant.

Want to employ a skilled migrant? Involve EUROCOUNT SOLUTIONS !

A highly skilled migrant as a future employee offers the ideal solution when you want to provide a service for which specific expertise is needed from abroad. However, employing a highly skilled migrant is not as simple as it seems. One of the conditions is that it is only possible to hire a skilled migrant if the organization is an acknowledged sponsor. This means that the organization has met specific conditions set by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). An application by businesses to become an acknowledged referent at the IND is a considerable administrative burden and can take months before a decision is taken. In addition, the IND charges a substantial price of € 5,000 for this. Besides, an acknowledged sponsor is fully responsible for the correct administration of each knowledge migrant they employ.

EuroCount Solutions has years of experience with recruitment and the administrative handling of knowledge migrants and is working together with a partner who is recognized by the IND as a qualified referent. This allows us to offer companies, who are no acknowledged referent, the opportunity to recruit a knowledge migrant at any time without administrative obligations, risks and additional € 5,000 costs. We have the privilege to the accelerated authorization procedure. This saves a lot of time, money and energy.

Advantage of quick approval

One of the advantages of having recognition as a referent at the IND is the entitlement to an accelerated approval procedure. Instead of three to five months, the IND has the objective to give a ruling within two weeks. When a license is required for residence and work (GVVA) this becomes seven weeks. The result: a significant time and cost saving. The biggest advantage is that the knowledge migrant can get to work rather quickly!


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